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Welcome to GS Messtechnik GmbH

Your partner in the gas analyses technique

We develop, manufacture and sell

  • Oxygen analysers
  • Infra red analysers to measure CH4, CO2, CO, SO2, HC, NO, C3H4, Novec 1230
  • Thermal conductivity analysers to measure H2, CH4, CO2, xenon, krypton, helium, argon, SF6
  • Ozone module and analysers (after customer specification)
  • Accessories for the gas analyses technique
  • Sensors, module, analysers and accessories after customer specification

Our analysers will be used successfully e.g. for the measurement of oxygen, methane, 
ozone and carbon dioxide in the gas analysis technique established. 

The measurement of other gases, customer developments and accessories complete our product range from.


Distributors wanted

We are expanding our sales network. We are seeking distributors at home and abroad.
Please contact us if interested.